Amorphous Alloy Distribution Transformer

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Amorphous Alloy Distribution Transformer has extrmely low no-load cost, it’s the representive product of advanced technology,enery saving and environment protection.The amorphous alloy core adapts to 5kVA – 160kVA single phase transformer 30kVA – 2500kVA three-phase five-column transformer with Dyn11 connection, and three-phase three-phase column transformer with Dyn11 or Yyn0 connection.


  1. Using amorphous ally as iron core. Amorphous alloy is a kind of new energy-saving materials with low eddy current loss,It’s the first choice to make with into transformer for updated power distribution network.
  2. Strong ant-short circuit ability.Using rectangular winding, polyvinyl formal enamelled wire for high voltage part, oxygen free copper foil coil for low voltage part.
  3. Stable insulating  property and performance .Using  vacuum oiling  and Dyn 11 connection to get rid of higher harmonic.
  4. Reliable and free maintenance. Using whole seal corrugated oil tank to avoild  oil degradation.
It doesn’t have crystal structure but has small magnetization power, low resistivity, so the eddy current loss is small .applied the materials as iron core, the product can greatly reduce no-load loss and save power and be suitable to be installed in somewhere with low utilization , Besides, after the product decline stage, it can be decomposed recycling , greatly reducing the damage to the environment.

Working condition

Working Environment: ambient temperature ≤ 40 °C, Min.temperature -30°C (for indoor use).
Altitude ≤ 1000M.
(please contact us if the installation is beyond the normal use)

Usage Of Distribution Transformer