Distribution Transformers With OLTC

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Distribution Transformers With OLTC

Extravagant I Heavy-Duty I Powerful


OLTC stands for On Load Tap Changer which holds the extreme capacity to support transformers with heavy-duty performance. Tate’s distribution Transformers with OLTC is coupled with the transformer itself. In these transformers, HT side voltage variations are frequent, and almost constant LT voltage is required. Our engineers work extremely hard to conduct multiple taping from the HV windings ad bring to the OLTC unit and connect a fixed contact. Its motor is connected in such a sleek manner that is can rotate in both the directions (clockwise and anticlockwise)

In a case, where the system of rotating On Load Tap Changer (OLTC) connects to  the LV side voltage is performed automatically, here an Remote tap changer controller is appointed with the transformer HT panel. This RTCC panel has sensors that sense the n output voltage and the sends signal to LCP and LCP in turns rotates the motor as per signal received from the RTCC


The Distribution Transformer with OLTC is low on maintenance and is fitted with a Digital IC controlled circuit that makes the stabilizers automatic.

These transformers can protect the equipment and electrical appliances against any voltage fluctuations and variations. It operates with delay relay mode and is a compact design unit.

Highly recommended for continuity of electrical device‘s safety and maintenance and hence used in Air conditioners and Refrigerators.

These units hold a range of features, they are in great demand for residential applications for securing Refrigerator, Deep freezer, Bottle and water coolers, BOD incubators, Air conditioning appliances from voltage fluctuation. We at Tate Electricals, we are a quality concerned brand and do not compromise with the value while production or manufacturing process is ongoing and even the final dispatch is done under the supervision of technical specialists. 


Distribution transformer with OLTC requires minimum maintenance to provide years of assured and hassle-free service.  Used predominantly is system regulation and thus provides exceptional operational benefits for the domestic segment in Refrigerators, Deep Freezers, BOD incubators, Freezer bottles and containers, air conditioning appliances, and more.

Usage of Transformer With OLTC