Three Phase Distribution Transformer

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Three Phase Distribution Transformer

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A Three-Phase distribution transformer is a heavy-duty electrical transformer primarily used to transport power-driven dynamism and drive from a principal circulation route[circuit] to a second level (primary) distribution route[circuit]. A three-phase dispersal transformer can be used to transmit current to an end level distribution circuit or the service circuit. These types of transformers usually reduce the power source of the principal circuit to the volume of power anticipated by the customer. The quantity of this energy keeps on altering and can be changed, diverse for all market segments including commercial, residential, and simple industrial clients.

A three-phase distribution transformer works at multiple voltages and frequency levels depending on the prevalent standards in your domain or country.

A three-phase transformer with a pad-connected on it is put to use with an underground main course, whereas three single-phase pole-type transformers are used for overhead services.


    • Rating -CRGO / Upto 5000 kVA
    •  Number of Phase – Single Phase
    • Applicable Standards – IS, BIS, MSEDCL Approved
    • Cooling – ONAN
    • Insulating Fluid – Mineral oil as per specifications
    • Frequency – 50-60 Hz
    • vector Group – As specified
    • Primary Voltage – up to 33kV
    • Secondary  Voltage – 415 or 433 V
    • Winding Material – Copper/Aluminium
    • Tapping Range – +/- 5 % in steps of 2.5%

          All parameters are in line  with                 applicable standards (or) as per                    customer requirement.

At Tate, Electricals are in sync with the applicable standards and are revetted with the client’s specifications.

Geared with an applicable IS, BIS, MSEDCL approved standards, the three-phase Transformer has a standard rating of CRGO, Cold-rolled grain-oriented sheet steel, or up to 5000 Kilo volts. It features a frequency of 50-60 Hertz with mineral Oil as the insulating fluid. The primary voltage is up to 33 Kilo volts and secondary voltage ranging between 415V to 433 V, its vector group is as specified providing a great scope. The three-phase distribution transformer is formulated with a  Copper/Aluminium winding material having a tapping range of  -5 variance +/- in small steps of 2.5% making it one of the sturdiest and manageable transformers.

Standard Fittings

  • Primary bushings
  • Secondary bushings
  • Oil level indicators
  • Filling Device
  • Earthing Terminal
  • Rating and Diagram Plate
  • Lifting Lugs
  • Drain Plug

Drain value | Off circuit Tap changer

Known for its various prominent and striking advantages, Tate Electrical’s three-phase transformer is compact in Design and is very easy to handle and operate. It has easy mounting and heightened heat dissipation. We as well offer tailor-made transformers on request.

Optional Fittings

Drain value | Off circuit  Tap changer


  • Compact in Design
  • Easy Handling and Operation
  • Easy Mounting
  • Improved Heat dissipation
  • Customized Transformers are available on your requirement

Usage Of Distribution Transformer