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Power Transformer

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Tate’s Power transformers are one of its kind, it is predominantly used in distributed systems that interfere with the step up and step down voltages. Used to transfer electrical energy in any section of the electronic circuit, power transformers act as a connector between a  generator and the primary distribution center.

The power transformer has a life span of 30 + years and is available in small, medium, and large configurations up to 25 MVA with a voltage of 36 kV. Usually found as Free-breathing types, the oil-filled transformer is a PCB free Mineral Oil or Silicon/Nynas Nytro Oil variation –all based on customer specifications.

Our transformers are formulated and designed in compliance with the IEC publication.

What is important to note I that the minimal range of small transformers scale between 500 – 700 kVa, medium transformers can be from -100MVA, and the large power transformers can withstand from 100 MVA through and through and even beyond.


Quite adaptable in designs, power transformers can be customized and designed wither as a single -configuration or a three-phase configuration. One must check the specifications of all power transformers and ensure maximum power ratings, maximum secondary, current, and maximum voltage ratings are in standard formats.

The phase is 3Ø with a frequency of 50Hz and 60Hz and a secondary voltage supply of 6.6 through till 3.3 VK. These power transformers have a tap voltage of 23.9-R22.9-21.9-20.9-19.9kV and vector  Dd0, Dyn11 accordingly.

Usage of Power Transformer