Single Phase Distribution Transformer

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Single Phase Distribution Transformer

Sturdy I Eminent I Valued

We create consistent power; That exemplifies in a compact delivery!


Single Phase Distribution Transformers offer a sleek appearance and compact body that is consistent with the highest trade yield and predominantly offers cost-effective solutions. They are manufactured using the best quality resource and innovative technology offering minimum maintenance. It truly redefines power distribution


  • Rating -CRGO / Amorphouse Upto 25 kVA
  •  Number of Phase – Single Phase
  • Applicable Standards – IS, IEC, ANSI and DIN
  • Cooling – ONAN
  • Insulating Fluid – Mineral oil as per specifications
  • Frequency – 50-60 Hz
  • vector Group – As specified
  • Primary Voltage – up to 33kV
  • Secondary  Voltage – 120, 250, 460 V
  • Winding Material – Copper/Aluminium
  • Tapping Range – +5 % in steps of 2.5%

All parameters are in line with apllicable standards (or) as per customer requirement

Standard Fittings

  • Primary bushings
  • Secondary bushings
  • Earthing Terminal
  • Rating and Diagram Plate
  • Lifting Lugs
  • Lightning Arrester


  • Reduction in Line Losses
  • minimization of power interruption
  • Economical for Remote areas
  • Round in shape
  • Easy handling
  • Easy Mounting
  • Competitive short delivery time

Tate Electricals uses a high-quality conductor of copper/aluminum in its manufacturing products. Shaped either as a rectangle or a spherically round copper/aluminum wires/strips ribbed with thermally elevated separating paper applied in oil submerged transformers.  They are extremely easy to mount and handle and highly advantageous to be used in remote areas. The single-phase distributions Transformer is highly competitive and offers a smart delivery schedule.

The winding has a compact size, excellent heat transmission, minimum load loss, increased lighting impulse resistivity, and outstanding anti-short-circuit strength.

The standard fittings comprise of Lifting lugs, Lighting arrestor, Secondary bushings, primary bushings and Rating, and Diagram plate.

Usage Of Distribution Transformer